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Custom Sabrage Card (x20)

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Your Champagne saber for your pocket! Stay ready for popping Champagne. The card fits perfectly in your pocket or in your wallet. 

Tips for use:

  • Make sure the bottle is cold (4-7 degrees) With hot bottles there is a risk of breaking the bottle.
  • Remove the aluminum foil that covers the metal cage and loosen the cage holding the top of the bottle.
  • Raise the cage on the last ring of the bottle and close it well around it. Use the chain. Clip it on with one of the 2 carabiners and the other carabiner to the card.
  • Tilt the bottle, directing it towards a suitable place, away and isolated by people and objects.
  • On the neck of the bottle locate the thread of the glass junction, and along this thread slide the card, making the ring of the bottle vibrate sharply that the end of the neck with the cap will come off, remaining attached to the chain.
  • Please read the precautions of use given here and in the package.



20 custom-made Sabrage Cards with your logo on the back.

Chain for each card in your chosen color.

Black cardboard gift box for each card.



(Delivery time approximately one month)


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Exice duty

All orders of champagne to outside of Denmark will have to pay a small fee called exice duty. This fee is typically around 1-5 Euro per bottle.