Who is Champagne Season

 What is Champagne Season

Champagne-Season.com is a webshop consisting of accessories to have the perfect surroundings for your champagne. We are always giving ideas of the perfect surroundings on our Instagram. And if you want to learn more about Champagne, then we also give free lessons on our YouTube channel where we do a lot of content where our main purpose is to teach you about Champagne. 

What is the Goal for Champagne Season?

We want to be able to supply everything that is needed for a perfect champagne tasting/ dinner for a private person and also supply restaurants all over the world, supplying them with champagne + all accessories needed.

Owner - Théo L. Madeleine

My name is Théo, and i am the owner of Champagne Season and i have been working on this business since march 15. 2021. My job is to do social media for Champagne Season and also webpage optimization. 

The official business for Champagne Season started in March 2022, since then i have been working hard on making this website, while also working on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. 

The history of Champagne Season starts with the company instagram page which was made in march 2021 and it started as a "theme page" with champagne photos and funny videos. This was before i really had a interest in champagne, i did it because i had seen other pages doing the same. I searched if i could call my instagram @Champagne.Season and it was available. So started posting 2 times every day and today i have over 600 posts and 200 videos, it made my following grow a lot so i started a webshop with champagne accessories.

I have since then got a lot demand for champagne bottles, but i was not selling champagne until October 2022 where i had collected all the needed licences. Which is pretty hard to do as a 21 year old, and i am surely the youngest in the champagne business. I am now working hard on selling my champagnes and accessories to private people, restaurants, hotels and business like luxury car rental or to real estate agents. My company is still very young, so we always have next steps in mind. I hope you will follow our progress. Visit our social medias on the bottom of the page.

Warehouse responsible - Marcus Neuschild

This is Marcus, he is responsible for tracking of the stock and packing packages. He receives the products for the webshop, puts them in the right place and when they sell on the website. Then he packs the orders and ship them. So you can have your products as fast as possible.