Where is Champagne grown?

Read here to learn where champagne is grown

As we all know, the sparkling wine called Champagne is only grown in the french region with the name Champagne. The region is 25.606km2. To put that in perspective, Hawaii is 28.311km2. But Champagne is a little more complicated, there is levels to the quality of the grapes that are used for Champagne. There is 324 villages in Champagne, and they are categorized in 3 sectors: Grand Cru, Premier cru, Autre (which means others). So basically there is 2 types of villages which is seen as superior. Those 2 are Grand Cru and Premier Cru, where Grand cru is the most exclusive and sought after.

There is:

17 Grand Cru villages.

42 Premier cru villages.

264 other villages in Champagne.

Now you know how to look for the most exclusive Champagne. And for your information, the price usually follows the grade of Champagne grapes. We hope that you learned something from this, let us know if there is anything specific that you would like us to explain. 

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