What is dosage in Champagne

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Photo source: wineterroirs.com

Now the Champagne is almost ready to be sold, it just needs a bit of sugar to balance out the sourness. Dosage is a blend of white wine and suger that is added to the Champagne. On the photo above you can see how a dosage is added to the Champagne. Here it is done by hand, but there is no restrictions of how it should be done, that means that it is sometimes also done by machines. That way you also get a little more precise results. 

Dosage is measured as how many grams of sugar there is pr/ liter. Here you can see the different levels of sugar in Champagne.

Brut Nature : 0-3g/L 

Extra Brut : 0-6g/L 

Brut : 0-12g/L 

Extra Sec : 12-17g/L  

Sec : 17-32g/L

Demi-Sec : 32-50g/L 

Doux : 50+g/L


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