What are the different qualities in Champagne?

Read here to learn about the different qualities in Champagne

In Champagne there is mainly 2 quality gradings. Those two are: Grand cru and Premier cru. Essentially this is just because of the land that the grapes are grown on. The land has been graded and only the optimal conditions can be graded as Grand cru, and thereafter Premier cru. And after that all the other villages. The land is always connected to a village, and it is all the fields connecting to that village which is qualified as a Grand cru for instance. Because of the quality of the land, there is not a lot of it. Which means it is more rare or exceptional. You can see here now many there is of the different villages in Champagne.


There is:

17 Grand Cru villages.

42 Premier cru villages.

264 other villages in Champagne.


Other than that it is also common to blend grapes, which means grapes from different villages are used together to create the perfect Champagne. But some producers use grapes from only Grand cru or Premier cru, which makes a more desirable Champagne. But if it tastes better is up to you, that is one of the good things with Champagne. It's all about learning for yourself and finding out what you like the best.

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