Levels of sweetness in Champagne

Read here to learn about the different levels of sweetness in Champagne:

As you see on the picture above, there is written "Brut" all Champagne should be qualified to be either: Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Sec, Sec, Demi-Sec or Doux. These are categorys for how dry or sweet the Champagne is. Where Brut nature is almost no added sugar and Doux has a high amount of added sugar. The amount of sugar in the Champagne is called "Dosage" (Click here if you want to learn more about Dosage)

Brut NatureDosage - 0-3g/L 

Taste: The dryest Champagne you can get, this gives you a good idea of what the "natural" product should taste like. 

Pairing ideas:

Calories pr. 150ml: 91–93

Carbs pr. 150ml: 0–0.15


Extra BrutDosage - 0-6g/L 

Taste: Dry, Floral hints, fruits like melon and green apple, other notes could be  almonds for instance.

Pairing ideas:

Calories pr. 150ml: 91–96

Carbs pr. 150ml: 0–0.9


BrutDosage 0-12g/L 

Taste: Classic Champagne, notes of apple and cirtrus

Pairing ideas: Brut goes with almost anything, it could be paired with anything from regular Chips to Steamed fish with a hollandaise sauce.

Calories pr. 150ml: 91–98

Carbs pr. 150ml: 0–1.8


Extra SecDosage - 12-17g/L 

Taste: A little more sweet than Brut, this is not sweet enough for desert. This would be good as a apetizer or as a welcome drink.

Pairing ideas: Oysters, Lobster, White fish, White meat, Mushrooms, Cheese, Cured meats.

Calories pr. 150ml: 98–101

Carbs pr. 150ml: 1.8–2.6


SecDosage - 17-32g/L

Taste: Sweet, but still not sweet enough for dessert.

Pairing ideas: Aperitif, fried foods, caviar, white truffle.

Calories pr. 150ml: 101–111

Carbs pr. 150ml: 2.6–4.8


Demi-Sec - Dosage - 32-50g/L 

Taste: Sweet, perfect for celebrations such as newyear.

Pairing ideas: Cakes, fruitplatters, Crème brûlée.

Calories pr. 150ml: 111–121

Carbs pr. 150ml: 4.8–7.5


DouxDosage - 50+g/L

Taste: Very sweet, this is almost as a desert in itself. Perfect for people who wants to start to learn to drink Champagne. Other than that this is also very popular in clubs.

Pairing ideas: Lemon/lime sorbet, Dark chocolate, Peach pie, Lemons mousse.

Calories pr. 150ml: 121++

Carbs pr. 150ml: 7.5



Taste, calories and carbs can vary with the different producers, grapes, and years.

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