In which glasses is champagne served?

Which glass is used for champagne? There is many different styles and people have preferences. Here are the different styles:



This style is old school and is not used a lot any more. That is because it is not optimal for tasting or smelling the wine. That is because it has a big surface. Because of the large surface, the bubbles and smell will escape quickly and therefore they will be hard to smell. And the wine will be flat shortly.



This is another classic glass, this one is very closed. This glass has the most focus on the bubbles, because of the small surface area the bubbles will last longer. But because of the small surface the wine can not open up. And therefore this is not the perfect glass, but it is a little better than the coupe.



This type og champagne glass is more recent and modern. This glass opens up en the middle of the glass and closes in at the top. This allows the wine to open up, and then the scent will be concentrated at the top, because of the small opening. This allows you to taste and smell the wine in its best way.



Champagne glass

This glass is very much like a white wine glass. The only difference is that it is a little more closed in the top of the glass. This glass has the same benefits as the Tulip glass.


So what is the most important?

The most important Is that the glass fits you and what you prefer. But if you absolutely want the perfect glass, then you should make sure that:


  1. You can smell the champagne very clearly.
  2. The glass should be see through, no colors.
  3. Lastly it should fit the surroundings. So it’s not out of style. So choose a minimalistic glass if that is the preferred style. Or choose otherwise if you like more details or maybe a glass with a logo or a text on it. glass.


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