How to store champagne?

What are the main things to keep an eye on when you are storing champagne?

To ensure the wellbeing of your champagne you want to check this out.

What to do:

- Make sure that the temperature is constant, that is why a wine cellar is good. And it is underground which helps keeping the same temperature.

- Make sure that the bottles are out of the sunshine, the UV will cook the wine. And as lights you should use LED for the same reason.

- The bottles should always lay down. So the cork doesn't dry out.

- You should not store champagne in a regular wine cooler or a fridge as the vibrations from the cooling system will shake the bottle and destroy the bubbles.

- Consider buying magnum bottles for better aging.

What NOT to do:

- Keep your champagne in the kitchen

- Keep your champagne standing up.

Keep your champagne in the fridge.

- Keep your champagne in the sun.


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