Champagne pairing

Read here to learn about the perfect pairing for your Champagne.

Champagne pairing is all about what you like.

Like all food and drinks Champagne pairing is all about what you like, some people like more acidic pairings to cut the taste of what you are eating. Other people like to keep in in the same theme. You can not expect hit something you love every time, for instance the photo above here was a experiment that didnt work out. It was not a good pairing, but you have to try different things to know what you like and dislike. If you want ideas for where to start, look here:


Extra dry pairing ideas

Ingredient ideas: Hard cheese, Fries, Lobster, Caviar, Apple, Pear, Lemon.

Meal idea: Homemade apple pie.


Brut pairing ideas

Ingredient ideas: Shellfish, Steak, White truffles, Fries, White-meat fish, Caviar, Fruit platter.

Meal idea: A classic homemade burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onion or however you prefer.


Demi secpairing ideas

Ingredient ideas: Fois gras, Chicken, Cookies, Fruit based desserts,

Meal idea: Aperitif with fois gras and crackers.


Blanc de Blancspairing ideas

Ingredient ideas: Octopus, Scallops, Shrimp, White-meat fish, Creme cheese, Pop corn.

Meal idea: Seared scallops with a creamy sauce and roasted potatoes.


Blanc de Noirspairing ideas

Ingredient ideas: Porc, Lobster, Duck, Chicken

Meal idea: Lobster cooked with a butter and garlic sauce.


Rosé - pairing ideas

Ingredient ideas: Dessert, Pasta, Pizza, Chicken, Duck, Cured meats and fish, Mixed nuts, Cheese platter.

Meal idea: Fried chicken.


But remember!

These are only guidelines of what we think here at Champagne Season, you have to try your own thing anf figure out what you like. Trust us, it's a lovely process. These ingredients are only here to give you an idea of what to aim after. You should definately also take into account what you can get locally and find out where you can get the freshest product. Let us see your creations, tag us on instagram: @Champagne.Season or use our hashtag #champagneseason . Cheers and good luck!

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